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Emilia Djonov - Biography

Emilia Djonov is a Senior Lecturer in language and literacy education at Macquarie University, Australia, and holds a PhD from the University of NSW. Her research interests and expertise lie in social semiotics, critical and multimodal discourse analysis, early language and literacy, and multiliteracies education.


She is currently engaged in collaborative research that includes critical multimodal studies of semiotic software technologies in various contexts, explorations of space and time in children's transmedia narratives (with Chiao-I Tseng), two longitudinal studies of the language environment of infants and toddlers in early childhood centres and their development of literacy- and learning-oriented language (MQ TaLK! and MQ Toddler TaLK!), and the citizen semiotics project PanMeMic (with Elisabetta Adami).

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